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United States
leoladylioness  (5 months ago)

Took me for TWO HUNDRED dollars....my daughter's breathing treatment medicine(Nebupent). Now, she is hospitalize again...She (Aminah) (14) only ordered it in the first place...after shopping around forever, because the treatments leaves her skin so not right and dry...we were looking for something permanent. Thing is, we have not ever received anything. And you took our money. It's cool. I know that no will ever contact me because your emails are bogus...number never answers and the one time someone answered they hung up. Sad...So, I am going to curse each and every one of you as you read these lines, in your sublime, I come for your soul...deepest thoughts will now linger long, anger will fill happy homes...every time you take, it will lessen the life of someone you love...U Fucked with the wrong one.

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