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"Not sure"

Anonymous user  (3 months ago)

Not sure about this one!


"Stop it!!"

Anonymous user  (3 months ago)

Stop to send my things I did not order! Thank you!


"Garcinia "

wakeybakey13  (1 year ago)

Haven't got my item and I would like to cancel my subscription and get a refund 👌👊


"No products delivered"

Anonymous user  (1 year ago)

Paid some 100 USD and no products was delivered. No answer from them when I asked for an expanation.
So.. don' t do business with them.
I have send info to the Police
Minus 5 star..


"(3751) Garcinia Total SE Intro EUR Price Increase"

mimmi19ct  (1 year ago)

Now I have my jar of Garcinia Total diet.
And I want to cancel my subscription if there is one, because I want to first try if it works.

Yours sincerely

Från: Order Status Update
Skickat: den 3 november 2016 18:33
Till: Christina Thorstensson
Ämne: Frakten anmälan #504957029

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Ordernummer: 504957029
Orderdatum 11/02/2016 04:56am

Bästa Christina Thorstensson,
Vi har nöjet att meddela att en eller flera av dina varor nu har levererats från oss. Se leveransinformation nedan.

Christina Thorstensson
Svenbrocksgata, 6b
Ängelholm, Skåne län 26264
DHL Global Mail

Christina Thorstensson
Svenbrocksgata, 6b
Ängelholm, Skåne län 26264
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Base Qty Price
(3751) Garcinia Total SE Intro EUR Price Increase €0.00 1 €0.00
Sub Total €0.00
Shipping €2.59
Sales Tax (0.00%) €0.00
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