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"I have never seen such an elite service"

juliuck  (2 months ago)

friendly staff, so-so on price, and servers stable. overall EXCELLENT


"My website response times have never been faster"

lashoyles  (2 months ago)

Pleased with the product I purchase of VPS. withstanding the attacks i used to get for my game server. +GreatJob


"Support desk quick, polite and helpful."

edgleterry  (2 months ago)

In love with Hostslayer! they have cheap price! cheaper than hostgator and way faster support.


"I am completely satisfied with their service"

bransco  (2 months ago)

Hosting my porn forums in a server and so far i havent had any problems. The company seems pretty much legit as they get money and i get service. I will recommend them to few friends.


"Prolly one of their best features."

zelmadquist  (2 months ago)

Gabriel is one of the best support agents out there with HostSlayer, he walked me through on setting up my own XMPP server.


"Their work is based on quality"

Dominican Republic
treckett  (3 months ago)

I just want to inform everyone the awesome support Hostslayer gives to customers. Had an issue at 3AM and was able to get a response around 3:20AM! This is just pure amazing. No other host ever took good care of my vps like them.


"More than competitive and fair price"

siloussell  (3 months ago)

Pleased with their prices and support. The stable server so far has been Server2. Hope anyone who joisn them in that server.


"The support team is second to none."

ladawskett  (3 months ago)

Thank you Victor for helping me with my vps. The owner of Hostslayer gave me so much help on creating my game server.


"Willing to work with customers"

Hong Kong
lazarlert  (3 months ago)

Hola amigos, soy de Ecuador y les quiero comentar que HostSlayer son los mejores en su servicio al cliente. Siempre me ayudan por whatsapp! Recomiendo mucho a la compania a mis amigos.


"The speed is amazing, very reliable"

ellswotella  (3 months ago)

Thanks brothers for the best VPS with ddos protection. I can finally use the VPS to turn it into a vpn and get netflix from usa.


"Top web host for running Joomla, wordpress and forums"

Anonymous user  (8 months ago)

A little review here for the company who is providing the cheapest ddos protected vps! Thanks again Hostslayer
you have give me the best opportunity to host my gameserver and knowing it will not go down! +Thumps UP!


"I am glad with hostslayer uptime, speed and support"

Anonymous user  (8 months ago)

I'm from Indian and found this hosting company from google. And they are good. Thanks for cheap price on ddos protection.
Very good vps hosting.


"Features, Uptime and Speed of their servers are UNIQUE"

United States
Anonymous user  (8 months ago)

My honest review about Hostslayer ;
They are extremely professional and very well educated people who operate it. I have been having a great experience with them since I started using them.


"So far im pleased with HostSlayer hosting service"

United States
Anonymous user  (10 months ago)

Thanks for a good support and customer care. They always ready to help with any of my question. Sometimes I think they never sleep. :)


"No problems. No Downtime. No Lag."

United States
Anonymous user  (10 months ago)

Cheap price, good support, 100% uptime, you have my vote! keep it up HostSlayer!


"HostSlayer customer service is excellent"

United Kingdom
wardgowski  (10 months ago)

Can we give a recognition to HostSlayer! They just provided me the best customer service for months!
I serisouly hate customer service from past experience but HostSlayer made it fun! Thanks again!


"Extremely fast for USA customers"

United Kingdom
ahmackman  (10 months ago)

Leaving a review for a really company that has helped me start up my own hosting business!
I started using HostSlayer since January to sell web hosting, got their Reseller package. It has everything I needed!
I do love their DDoS Protection as my clients got attacked a lot. And thats a huge plus for me.
Today I am actually upgrading to their VPS package, hence my company is growing. I hope of getting their dedicated servers by next 3months or so.


"Keep it up guys! I enjoy your service."

ruthmar  (11 months ago)

I have been using Hostslayer for the past 8 months. Everything is good so far. The Support agent designed my website for free. Thank you very much

Review 10:
Ive been using this company for my vps hosting on my personal website. I can say its a great pleasure using them. The live support agent always helped me out on ordering extra addons for my vps that i needed to run my vps smoothly. The only problem is that they are always active their support from very early morning to late night time. I tried requesting an agent at 3am but it seems they were none but besides that their ticket system worked fine. I have recommend this host to various friends as they seem to do a good job on the performance, uptime, and service.THUMBS UP! :)

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